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MAKE NO SMALL PLANS is a travel lifestyle design retreat bringing together entrepreneurs, visionaries, and people from all walks of life ready to bring their already successful careers and lives to the next level!  

If you are drawn to the flavor of Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Work Week and Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception, then you will be in very good company. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur already, or want to become one, you will find the people who eat and sleep living their dreams on this trip. Not only will you meet and bond with successful and interesting, COOL people, but you will have once in a lifetime opportunities to see Porto, Portugal through a unique network of local entrepreneurs and fascinating Portuguese people connected with your guide.

On this Lifestyle retreat you will be invited to dream and mastermind about the current life you are living, and the one you’ve been dying to intentionally create.

Do you want to write a book? Find your life partner? Find YOURSELF!? Live in another country? Become a dual citizen? Buy real estate in a safe place close to world class cities in Europe while still being able to multiply the value of your dollar? Learn the art of learning languages starting with a little Portuguese and see what it’s really like to LIVE!? Then… MAKE NO SMALL PLANS is for you!! Watch out, our trips are powerful and just might change your life!




Are you ready to find out why Porto, Portugal is the number ONE destination for Americans to retire, and for anyone at any age to live out their dreams?


The FINE ART OF LIFESTYLE DESIGN awaits you in Europe’s hidden gem now only barely discovered in a world dying to find its treasures!

What few know is its mysterious way of leading you to discover your own!!!!
You are invited to create an intentional shift that will most certainly land you new clarity about what you REALLY want, and what you’re truly ready to receive and intentionally create in YOUR life!


*Putting down a $500 deposit will reserve your spot on this Lifestyle Retreat (which is a good thing because PORTOMUNDO will sell out FAST)! You’ll be invoiced and must pay in full at least 2 months before the retreat start date. All deposits are non-refundable


Group Size: 10 People

October 14th-21st

April 2020 (TBA)

REGULARLY $5,500 each, NOW $3,000!!! And only $3950 for couples!!! REGULARLY $7750!!!



$500 Deposit! (NON-REFUNDABLE)

Pay in full

$3,500 Single.

Pay in full

$5,500 Couple rate.

Day 1

Bem Vindo! WELCOME

Arrive at Porto Airport (OPO) Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport by noon to meet the group. Once we’re all together we’ll grab taxi’s (included) and get settled in our gorgeous inspiration pad in the center of Porto close to everything to maximize our quality time!

Praça de Gomes Teixeira

We’ll spend the afternoon taking in Porto at the best view onPraça de Gomes Teixeira (the Bread Fair Square) otherwise known as the place where everyone comes together.


There we will enjoy our first Francesinha, Porto’s most traditional dish, and we’ve got the best place to have it.

Solar Mohinho de Vento

After our late lunch we will rest up at the place and get ready for an awesome dinner at the most coveted Portuguese restaurant to begin a phenomenal evening.


Before dinner we will stop at the neatest wine bar in the center of porto, and then after dinner we’ll take a night cap at the coolest Porto local hangout. 

Day 2

Conheça o Porto! GET TO KNOW PORTO 

Get ready to Walk n Talk to the coolest most historic cafe in Porto -MAJESTIC CAFE- the legendary hangout of the Portuguese writers like Fernando Pessoa. There begins our first major debrief and mastermind session. (Whatcha got!? Whatcha up to!? How can we all help!? What’s the intention you’re setting for MNSP?)

After breakfast at this epic place we’ll tour the shopping district of Santa Catarina.


Café Candelabro

Get ready to head to the most classic and delicious lunch restaurant where all of the locals go in Porto to experience the best chicken in Porto (Yes it’s that good and ORGANIC).

Livraria Lello

After lunch we’ll walk n talk to Livraria Lello, Porto, also known as the most stunning bookstore in the world.
After we pick up up a book or two we’ll spend some time relaxing at one of Porto’s best bean bag park bar cafes.

Jardim Municipal do Horto das Virtudes

We’ll venture into the garden of Virtudes one of the neatest places in Porto to GET LOST TO FIND YOURSELF … There we’ll take a couple of hours to journal, chill, and relax #GLTFY. Before dinner we will tour Porto’s tallest building and enjoy a gorgeous sunset view.


For dinner we will visit a young entrepreneur building the MOST legendary Italian restaurant in Porto!! The dough comes from a secret recipe from the most legendary pizza chef in Napoli. He will have the honor of having us as his special guests and we will have the honor of tasting the best Porto Italian food straight from the most Italian man in Porto!

Day 3

Quarta Feira WEDNESDAY

Get ready to smell, taste, and enjoy the most delicious pastries in Porto as we venture to one of the best squares to hang out, enjoy breakfast, and watch Porto come to life in the morning.

Street of Cedofeita

From there we will go discover the legendary street of Cedofeita and stop by two shops that have won top fashion and unique status’s awards in Porto Fashion Magazine and TIMEOUT for the past several years. Both shop’s coincidentally happen to be owned by our very good friends 🙂
From there we will Walk n Talk to a classic lunch next at a 50 year-old Porto staple.

Cristal Palace Gardens

After that we’ll enjoy an early afternoon meditation and gelato in the most beautiful Cristal Palace Gardens taking in the natural sounds and scents of nature. There we will take time to journal and take in the views, fountains, and magic of the local palace gardens.

Porto Six Bridges Cruise

From there we will get ready to take an afternoon boat cruise and tour the the Douro river discovering the beauty of the six bridges cruise! After the cruise we will have free time in the Plaza Ribeira area.

Cálem Port

We will meet again for dinner and then head to tour the Cálem Port Wine Cellars where we will “TASTE” 🙂 the best Port wine in the world!

Day 4


Have you been meaning to get new headshots for social media, and business purposes as well? Get ready to be photographed by Porto’s BEST, Mr. Goldenhour himself, the number 1 sunset chaser in Porto.


Trolley ride to Foz

We’ll start the day off with a fun trolley ride to FOZ, a posh and beautiful part of Porto.

TITO’s Restaurant in Matosinhos

There we will enjoy time by the ocean and purusing the shops.
From there we will venture closer to our lunch destination to claim our very coveted reservation at the top seafood restaurant in Matosinhos where our waiter will explain to us the available fresh catches and proper way to eat Portuguese style.

The Sunset in Porto

In the afternoon and early evening we will have free time and then prepare for our precious moments with Mr. Goldenhour himself. We’ll spend the late afternoon chilling at one of the neatest most exclusive spots to watch the sunset in Porto overlooking the best view in the city… and yes that’s where we will begin our exclusive photo session.

Mal Cozinado

After pictures we will have dinner and FADO (the soulful music from Portugal) and network with local Portuguese business professionals into the wee hours!

Day 5


We will start our day by visiting an adorable typical Portuguese restaurant for breakfast as we gear up to learn all about the process of purchasing real estate in Portugal, the ins and outs, the visa processes and best practices, as well as get to meet some of the top realtors in Porto! (MASSIVE VALUE AND MASSIVE SAVINGS OF YOUR TIME, MONEY and ENERGY!!!!) Once we break for lunch we will eat at one of Porto’s best hidden gems and a restaurant owned by our friends with the best prosciutto in the country!!!

Focus and Goals

After lunch we’ll have an opportunity to see a few examples of properties for sale, or to mastermind in break out sessions on our MNSP projects / intentions / focus / GOALS.

The Best Local Pre-game Hangouts

In the evening we’ll chill at the best local pre-game hangouts and play music in the street with portuguese before we start the night up right! (Did we mention drinking beer at the bar that holds the guinness book of world records for most beers sold!?)

Secret Restaurant

This evening we will be giving you the ULTIMATE PORTO experience with a classic Portuguese cuisine at a secret restaurant that only opens on Fridays for dinner and who’s owner is our dear friend. Expect sassy, fun waiters, and guitar slinging guests in an anything goes environment with the best food in Porto to top it all off!

Wine And Festivities at a Local Hangout

Our late dinner will most likely finish LATE and then the we’ll be having more wine and festivities at a local hangout before heading to Porto’s best clubs… (optional for guests, highly recommended).

Day 6


Will begin with a casual breakfast and a relaxing morning before we gear up for our scooter tour of the parts of the city we’re dying to see / show you!


Then break for lunch at the MOST iconic Porto restaurant to eat Bifana, a portuguese classic where the chef is known for his Seinfeld “NO SOUP FOR YOU” attitude. If we’re lucky we’ll get to eat the most delicious stuff for lunch in Porto! 😉

FREE TIME with OPTIONS before dinner

FREE TIME with OPTIONS before dinner
Optional Networking with local Portuguese entrepreneurs to see what mutual value we can create over a casual afternoon of wine and olives.
See examples of properties on the market in Porto.

The true Magic of Porto

The true magic of porto awaits us as we dine in the best place to hear the most iconic sound of Porto at night… we’ll leave that one a secret 🙂 

Royal Cocktail Club

After dinner we’ll have free time before we head to Royal Cocktail Club to see what Porto mixologists have in store for us!

Optional Clubs after … 🙂

Day 7


Day to chill…
Morning we’ll start the day off with a great view of Porto on the iconic cable cars crossing the Douro river.

Porto’s Classic Futebol

After we’ll go to Porto’s classic futebol (Soccer) team restaurant

The coolest spots of Villa Nova Gaia

Tour one of the coolest spots of Villa Nova Gaia stopping for lunch at the boat harbor in Gaia to see Porto from another perspective, and take in yet another amazing view!

Gelato and relaxing time

We’ll melt the afternoon away with gelato and relaxing time masterminding about our experience, and reconvening on our intentions for the week.

Classic Portuguese Restaurant

 For dinner we’ll be enjoying yet another classic Portuguese restaurant, favorited by ALL locals.

Day 8

Monday Morning: For those traveling back to the airport on Monday, we will arrange your rides.

For those staying in Porto we will say our sad goodbyes and learn about the portuguese word Saudade before parting. 

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$500 Deposit!


Pay in full

$3,500 Single.

Pay in full

$5,500 Couple rate.



Our Guide

Nathan Minnehan is a serial entrepreneur, author, and lifestyle design expert.  He is the founder of Big Murphy’s, WalknTalk, Inspiration On Tap, and MAKE NO SMALL PLANS. Nathan speaks fluent Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.  He is passionate about helping others to create and evolve their lives to the next level through traveling with intention.  In his book STITCH, he even details his philosophy of transforming your life with a trip in the chapter titled Inspiration Vacation. Download this chapter FREE today!


Nathan Minnehan

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